Robots in the Sky
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Day of the Dinobots Unleash the Beasts

Robots in the Sky is the Raidboss event with the Explanation of the Autobots versus the Decepticon seekers, now on this event it has new gameplay elements were added to this event. During the episode selling brings double money and upgrading brings double XP, Gold Weapons Medals can be earned by defeating raid bosses and Super Rare Autobots were given 2x attack and faction bonuses for Autobots if equipped with Autobot Weapon. This event removed the level 7 raid boss, but introduced four raid bosses instead of three in the previous events.



"Far above the land, the Decepticon Seekers are wreaking havoc! The airborne menace threatens the people of Earth, but Optimus Prime and his Autobots are standing tall to defend the Human race."


During missions, there is a chance of running into an event boss. The four bosses are Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Skywarp and Thundercracker. When a boss is found, the player is given the option of fighting the boss. Defeating the boss gives the player prizes in the form of Silver and Gold Episode Medals, (which can be used in the Space Bridge), and Event Points. The higher your Event point tally was at the end of the event, the better the rewards.

Raid CardsEdit


Rank 1-50

Rank 51-100

Rank 101-300

Rank 301-500