Covert Operations
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[[War Dawn]] [[Rage of the Dinobots]]



"This week on Transformers: Legends 2...

Can the Autobots seek out and destroy the Decepticon infiltrators? Will Blaster outsmart his eternal rival Soundwave? It's brains and brawns in this week's Episode: Covert Operations!"

Blog description:

"Autobot operations have seen a series of setbacks lately. Each incident in itself may seem harmless, but the Autobots Blaster and Prowl have seen a pattern emerging where every major Autobot operation is slowly hampered and brought to a slowdown. Too delicate for a regular Decepticon ploy, this Decepticon operation is all about stealth, infiltration and hit and run attacks. In a response the Autobots send their best operatives that are the perfect fit to counter this new threat…"




NEW: Evolution Cards! You can now get a new type of cards: Evolution Cards. By merging evolution cards together you create a new card. This new card is more powerful, has new art and inherits a portion of the stats of the previous cards. The card can be evolved 3 times and every max levelled card used gets the 10% stat bonus. Fully evolved cards not only get a special battle bonus, they also play short animations in which you can see them transforming from their alt mode into robot mode!

NEW: Before capturing your enemy, there will now be some cloned troopers which look like the Enemy bosses. If there is a defeated enemy, there will be 10x bonus for points

Episode Space BridgeEdit


Raid CardsEdit

Episode Blaster

Episode Blaster's Weapon

Evolve Eject

Episode Eject's Weapon

Evolve Laserbeak

Episode Laserbeak's Weapon 2

Evolve Ravage

Episode Ravage's Weapon 2

Evolve Soundwave

Episode Soundwave's Weapon 3



Soundwave's Weapon

Elite Soundwave

Elite Soundwave's Weapon

Episode Nightbeat

Episode Nightbeat's Weapon

Episode Prowl

Episode Prowl's Weapon 3



Evolve Laserbeak

Wave Clones =Laserbeak

Evolve Ravage

Wave Clones =Ravage

Evolve Soundwave

Wave Clones = Soundwave