Countdown to Doomsday
Event Dates
Start End
2014-5-21 2014-5-28
Event Progression
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[[Predacons Unleashed (Part 3)]] [[Operation Bombers at Ready]]

"Countdown to Doomsday" is a raidboss event which starts on May 21,2014 and ends on May 28,2014.



"After the Defeat against the Autobot and Decepticon forces, Predaking has moved his remaining Predacon troops to a new base deep in a Canyon below. While the Predacons get new with their base, Predacon Supreme detects a large surge of energy in a water trench. A team of Predacons go to investigate and found It was their once strongest warrior, Gigatron. Predacon Supreme tells Gigatron that he must stand down now. But Gigatron says that he has to get through his army to Destroy his doomsday device before its too late.

Help Predacon Supreme and his squad to defeat Gigatron and the Clock. Please ask your friends, time is running out."


Who may enterEdit

Anyone is free to enter after level 11

Raid CardsEdit